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    Type the word you want to find ( computer ) or type a phrase ( blue harvest moon ) to find those words, in that order. To find variations of word stems, type an asterisk at the end of one or more words ( comput* tech* ). Use the symbols & / ! between words or phrases to represent Boolean AND, OR, NOT. Include a space before and after the symbol. Use the proximity operators w# (within) and p# (preceding) to find words near each other. Words joined by & / ! are evaluated in left-to-right order: red & white / blue finds items that are red and white, or items that are blue. Use parentheses to control evaluation order: red & (white / blue) finds items that are red and white or red and blue.

    You do not need to enter both the title and the ISSN number to search.

    The Index Browsing dialog appears when you click a Browse button on a search screen. The Browse dialog shows indexed information for which you can search. To do a search, Add a title from the dialog onto the search form, then submit the query. This eliminates trial-and-error searching and makes searching easier.

    To search for a term with no additional text before or after, precede it with an equal sign (=). For example, =john smith finds only that complete term (does not find just "john" or just "smith" or that phrase embedded in other text).

    Having trouble? Refer to the error message list.